Monday, August 17, 2009

Sleep Was Good

Last night’s sleep was really quite good. I took an Ativan and poof out I went. D ended up going to another bedroom to sleep because he said I hogged his side of the bed and my breathing was all over the place. He bailed on me.

The last few days, I’ve been struggling with constipation but with the help of Senekot S I’ve shifted back to mild diarrhea.

Last night my mother and sister dropped by with a care package of food … love those care packages.

Today is what I consider the first day of recovery from the chemo. I start feeling better and just need to build up some strength. I’m extra excited because this cycle is going to be four weeks long instead of three weeks. Why? It’s time for a dental exam and cleaning and the best ways for this to happen is to have my blood work as per normal at week three. If my blood looks good, I’ll take a prescription of antibiotics that the dentist has prearranged. I’ll have the cleaning done and then I take one week off to ensure the antibiotics perform their magic should they need to.

I am so excited about having one more week break … WOOHOO!


Carol Urban said...

So GLAD you are getting an extra week off! I will keep those things you said in mind when my next dental exam comes along. I don't know how long my chemo treatment will be this time but round 2 starts tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Great happy for you..... constipation is the story of my life.... on meds for that now...for 4 days to clean out my bowels....the joy....

Renee said...

Dear friend, it is so hard I know.

You sound like you are having a good day today.

Love Renee xoxo

TNBCAmazon said...

Hi Daria,
An extra week's break from chemo is exciting indeed. Who knew that a visit to the dentist could be such a good thing?!
I am very glad to hear that the Ativan did the trick for you last night and that you got in a good night's sleep. It really does change how a chemo patient looks at life.
You hang on in there and enjoy the extra time off!

Tracey said...

The constipation is awful isnt it.. i used to get a bottle of awful tasting medicine called Lactulose...makes me feel ill thinking about drinking the stuff but it worked!!

oooo an extra week of freedom.. have fun in that week and hop, skip and jump everywhere xx

Anonymous said...

i've always admired your spirit when you are down as well as when you are your normal self, woohoo!