Monday, August 3, 2009

A Break From The City

We've been away for about five days visiting family in Southern Alberta. There were numerous severe weather watches and warnings throughout the province but fortunately we did not run into any bad weather.

In fact our drive back was quite lovely. It was awesome to see the mountains in the distance. Southern Alberta is cowboy country so there are horses and cattle everywhere. We saw some beautiful ranches that were fronted with long white fences with stone and red brick gates. And the crop fields were so nice and green and ready to go golden for harvest. Then in contrast you would see yellow fields filled with canola.

We'll have to do this again in the Fall.


Michelle said...

Im glad you've had a nice break from stuff. It's good to get away sometimes...not that I'd know recently :)


Anonymous said...

wow, that seems to be a good break for you Daria..........hope you had a wonderful time

Sara Diana said...

Theres nothing better for the soul than a change of scene. Glad you had a good time x