Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Questions For The Oncologist

Next week I have a visit with my oncologist and I always have a list of questions going that need answering. This week I’ve really been struggling with environmental allergies … so things like watery eyes, stuffy nose and sinus headaches. When I started chemo a year ago, I asked if I could use some of the over-the-counter drugs for allergies and the answer was no ... can't remember why. I am going to revisit that again and see if I can get a different answer this time.

I also have to get another prescription for Dexamethasone a.k.a. steroids. I remember somewhere around February of this year, I asked for a refill and the research nurse came back with ten refills which meant ten more cycles. I had already had 10 chemos so when she handed this prescription to me … I was horrified and said, “Ten more?” and she said, “Oh, the doctor always just puts down ten, don’t worry about it.” Back then, I thought there is no way I could do ten more cycles and here I am, asking for another ten.


Lady Katherine said...

Thanks for stopping by and zipping around my blog. I love you energy! Today's zipping was great for you as the timer to go to the kitchen! I mean that kindly! I also have asthma, and The Doc put me on Singular, wow has it worked wonderful with sinus problem, I still have some and he said with Asthma you always will, but the stuffiness and headaches are so gone for a long time I hope! lol I also have to take advair for my Asthma, which has given me a battle with Mouth Thrush and Yeast infections. I beg to get off, No go! lol Like I don't have enough problems! lol Keep up your good spirit for I have read many a wonderful post.

TNBCAmazon said...

Hi Daria,
Isn't it amazing what we can do and face if we have to? Maybe it's a good thing, though, that we're not quite sure of all the things we're in for, as it might be really discouraging to have to face the full scope of the challenges ahead all at once. This way, at least, we get to grow with those challenges.
I hope you'll get your environmental allergies under control soon. Those can be really nasty and add unneeded suffering, particularly during chemo. I am surprised, though, that your doctor won't let you take benadryl and such. Do you have problems with high blood pressure? My doctor actually premedicates me with benadryl before I get my taxol (which is similar to the taxotere you get, I believe). So it seems your oncologist should let you take benadryl -- unless you have some other underlying medical condition that would be a contraindication, of course.
In any case, feel good -- and enjoy that precious extra time off the chemo!

Grace said...

I see in you a woman of strength, that even if you have that kind of problem, you are still organize (such as listing down questions).
May you have a wonderful day tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

You are a inspiration to everybody, I admire your strength, your spirit.... You are great....I look forward to reading your blog
You are truly special

Sara Diana said...

I had allergies before I started chemo but they have got worse since I have been on it. When I showed the oncologist what I was taking, she was fine with it.

I take 10mg loratadine daily
Flixonase for my nose 2 doses per day
and otrivine for my eyes when I need it oh and serotide for my asthma. I couldnt function without it. As I type now I am waiting for my loratadine to kick in - my throat is sore and my eyes are weepy and tired, its horrible.

There MUST be something you can get to alleviate these awful symptoms.

You have my full sympathies x

Tina said...

Hi Daria!
I take nasonex and allegra for my allergies, altho when I am taking the steroid during chemo it takes care of my allergies! Apparently thats pretty much what the nasonex is--a steroid. The steroid also helps my arthritis pain!
I hope you can find something that works for you.
Keep up the fight--and thanks for the support you give me! I really appreciate it!!