Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't Give Up

I’ve often spoken about the support and encouragement I get from blogging. Whether it’s the stories people tell, the comments people leave, the emails I get. I just can’t tell you how inspiring they are to me. Most recently, Whidbey Woman posted the following post at Ron’s Road 2 Recovery. Have a peak.

How encouraging and inspiring is that? I cannot tell you how good it felt to click on that blog and see that ‘Don’t Give Up’ sign and know that others are pulling for me and for other people struggling with cancer and its treatment.

Thank you so much for you encouragement! It warmed my heart.


Joanie said...

That's wonderful! You have an excellent friend there!

I said that very thing to John on Sunday morning. He was so depressed because they sent him home to deal with a small rash instead of keeping hm and starting the transplant. Thank God he got up and his mood improved quite a bit!

So, I agree with your friend. don't give up!!!

Peggy said...


People are so wondeful,.. that message for you was so special!...

Unknown said...

Daria..that is wonderful! I love that!! May you not give up!!!!
Huge hugs, Sarah

Roxanne said...

What a beautiful sign of encouragement for a beautiful person!! You are such an inspiration to so many, I'm glad you got some inspiration for you!! Hugs to You:)

Renee said...

I am definitely pulling for you dear one.


Jacki said...

That was so cool!
It really made me smile!!!
One of my friends had a son with brain cancer...he would say "Neva Div UP"!! RIP Coleman Scott!