Friday, August 14, 2009

Grumpy ... Grumpy ... Grumpy

Last night I had a real rough sleep and woke up pretty grumpy this morning. Those steroids play havoc with my sleep and I was so tempted to take an Altivan last night ... but didn't. Tonight I'll be smarter.

Anyways, I had a late breakfast, laid down on the couch and out I went. After almost two hours sleep, I felt much better than first thing this morning ... that is for sure. Besides the agitation and moodiness, I'm feeling OK ... just some watery eyes. Coffee is starting to loose it's taste and so is pretty much everything else.

My goal this weekend is to get through the next few days as quickly as possible and keep my grumpiness in check.


Lesa said...

Grumpy is okay. It is more than okay. Cut yourself some slack. (((hugs)))

Sara Diana said...

Its ok to be grumpy. I like being grumpy, acknowledging the fact and laughing at my own grumpiness.


WhiteStone said...

My first few days after chemo always left a weird after-taste in my mouth, no matter what I ate or drank. Almost more annoying than the other chemo effects! My prayers are with you...and God is with you. Rest easy this weekend and get catnaps whenever you can.

Renee said...

I was a bitch on wheels on taxotere. Actually I think I was more depressed than anything on it. But it worked, so keep that in mind.

Love Renee xxo

Anonymous said...

Grumpy is ok....I heard, cancer patients get angry very fast, frustrated, etc....its all part of the illness.
What do people expect....sounds normal to me
I think you have been handling this very very well.
My respects and love go out to you
take care of you