Thursday, August 20, 2009

Looking For New Challenges

Well Fall is fast approaching and the days are becoming noticeably shorter. I find this time of year really inspiring for me and I try and search out new projects and challenges to carry me through the colder months. This morning I received a copy of local community paper and was snooping through it. I would love to do some volunteer work or some fund-raising for cancer but it’s just not something that is doable at this time. I’m just not strong enough to take on such commitments.

One of the challenges I will be taking on for sure is my evening college course. It is the last one required for my Human Resources Diploma. The course is called Training and Development II and classes should begin the first part of September.

I know once my course begins, I’ll have something to occupy my mind and therefore feel better but in the mean time I’ll continue snooping around for something that I might be able to do.


Tracey said...

Why not start researching your family history? its really interesting and addictive. I've been tracing mine for 21 years now and have only recently started blogging various family members.. just an idea as its something you can do from home and when ever you feel like it.


Michelle said...

This last winter has passed so quickly here, where does the time go. Good luck with your search.


Renee said...

You are so amazing. I love you.

Renee xoxo

Sara Diana said...

Something will come to you unexpectedly I think. xxx