Friday, August 28, 2009

Motivating and Inspiring Videos

The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance put together a set of videos where cancer survivors share stories of hope. What I like about the videos is hearing other people's stories and how they deal with their cancer.

I copied this little bit off the website as it is a good description of what 'The Day I Found Out' is about:

At The Day I Found Out, we've built a community where cancer patients can hear directly from cancer survivors about what it was like the day they found out they had cancer, and how they found the strength to fight it.

Please click on this link: The Day I Found Out.


Sherry said...

Too true Daria. We all have a story to tell and telling the stories is part of the healing. Thank you for sharing this link!

Anonymous said...

Hello Daria
Great video, I enjoyed it...
Its great to share with others. Shows us we are not alone...
God Bless

Denise said...

In blessing we are blessed and in sharing hope with others gives us hope......that is how the Father works.... hope you are ok and have had a good summer... Where did it go!

Tina said...

Daria, I just wanted to post on your blog to say thank you for the inspirational comments you've posted on mine. I appreciate the support and kind words.

Keep fighting,