Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some housekeeping ....

After having coffee with a couple of friends, I was inspired to do a quick review of the site.
  1. Should you want to email me, you can find my email address above ... just find my picture and click on 'view my complete profile' below it. You will find the email address there ... that is if you don't already have my personal email address.
  2. If you'd like my blog emailed to you every time I write something ... just let me know and/or send me your email address and I will set it up.
  3. I follow some great cancer blogs ... if you would like to know what they are, you can go to my picture above and click on 'view my complete profile' and you will see the list.
  4. On the left side is a great description of 'metastatic breast cancer'.
  5. Under that, I keep an updated treatment schedule.
  6. Under that is the Blog Archive ... older posts.
  7. Under that is some fun stuff ... if you are interested.

I try and update the blog daily but sometimes a day or two or even three goes by before I update it. I usually write in the late afternoon or evening.

Please note .... the website is a work in progress, therefore, I am always open to any feedback you may have.

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