Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CT Scan results are in and they are good

Late this morning I got a cold-sore and called my research nurse at the Cancer Institute to see if I needed to get a prescription for it because chemo destroys most of the white blood cells which are used to fight infection. So I wanted to make sure my cold-sore wouldn't get infected.

To my surprise, she said she had the results of my CT scan and they were good. The tumors were shrinking. I didn't ask details on how much or which ones because I was so excited about the news. I really really thought the news was going to be bad.

After getting the news I was on cloud nine and went for chemo @ 1:30. D., came home from work and drove me to my appointment. I was ready to get more chemo to keep fighting this awful disease. Chemo went till 4:45 pm. D, picked me up and we went and got a sub for supper.

During chemo, the research nurse came to see me and gave me a Merry Christmas wish & hug and a prescription for some cream for my cold-sore. She said if it didn't show signs of improvement, to get a hold of them and they would get me a prescription for some pills.

All and all a great day.

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