Saturday, December 13, 2008

-26 Degrees ....

We're just bundling up and trying to stay warm.

I just woke up from a nap ... my eyes continue to water. Usually this only lasts about a week every chemo cycle but this time it just isn't quitting. The watering makes my eyes tired and sore so the only relieve is to close them and ... well take a nap ... if I can. They also prevent me from doing any reading ... which is a real pain.

One of the other things that is giving me grief right now is that I have a reaction to the bandages used for my CVC (central venous catheter). I was given a prescription for bandages to cover my CVC and to keep the tubes in place. A couple of months ago I broke out in a rash on my chest ... likely due to the bandages, so the oncologist asked me to go to the chemo area and ask for some paper tape and gauses which is supposed to be easier on the skin. I still break out in a rash the odd time. So my solution seems to be to rotate between all varieties and sizes of bandages. I also try and use lots of lotion in the area because I struggle with dry skin. This week the rash flared up again. It can be quite sore and itchy.

So if I could just get those two issues cleared up ... I'd be pretty happy. I have chemo on Tuesday ... it sure would be nice to have a couple of days where something isn't wonky.

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