Friday, December 5, 2008

Daisy dog

This is our dog Daisy ... she is a miniature poodle. In February she will be 9 years old.

A little about poodles ...

Quite often the breeders cross a toy with a miniature poodle to make it easier for the female to give birth. You see a toy is up to 10 inches tall at the shoulders and a miniature is from 10 to 15 inches at the shoulders. Daisy is 15 at the shoulders but her body size is that of a toy as she weights under 10 lbs. Our previous poodle was a miniature and he was more like 20 lbs and 15 inches at the shoulders. Just wanted to mention ... poodles also come in tea-cup and standard size.

Poodles are great because the are so clean. They loose no 'hair' because that is what they have. They do not have fur.

We get Daisy clipped about once every 6 weeks. Her maintenance is next to nil. Our first poodle had issues with her ears (wax build-up), eyes (watering), and anal glands (plugged) eek! ... so a little more maintenance. The two dogs were different like night and day. One was black and one was white ... ha ha ... no really, they were. More importantly, their temperament was very different. The first poodle was the aggressive one of the litter and was definitely a challenge. Her name was Pepper and she sure had a mind of her own. Daisy is more of a lap dog and doesn't want anything more than that. Everyone is her friend.

Both my husband and I get great pleasure out of our pet dog.

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