Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PICC Infection and BP Update

Thought I’d give you an update on how my old PICC line site is doing and how I’m feeling. First off, my PICC infection is doing better. It’s nowhere near as itchy as it was a few days ago; the redness and puffiness are down too … it all looks a whole lot better.

Next, my bp appears to be nearing normal levels using my drugstore bp monitor. I’ll have to get those verified by the nurse at the clinic tho. I’m thinking the bp medication takes a while to kick in because I’m not doing anything different.

I should be doing some walking now that my liver function has improved but I have lethargy kicking in from the chemo. Still, D says I should come with him and the dog when they go for their after supper walk. Even if we go just part way and turn around, that would be a good start.


Laura Morefield said...

Hard to walk when fatigue kicks in...and yet they're right to give you the "just a bit" advice.

Now if I can get just a bit of gentle yoga in tonight.

Debra Ward said...

Thank you for your update Daria. A short walk might help you get past the lethargy but please do not overdue it.

Servivorgirl said...

Hang in there. Fatigue is a bear. I remember being too tired to watch TV.......It's good to see your blog posts. Be well.

Joanna Moore said...

I am glad that the infection is clearing up. Your system has had a lot to deal with. Hopefully, your energy will return soon.

Lisa said...

Just do what you can Daria and try not to push it. You don't want to make anything worse. After we went to that conference in Philly where they talked so much about exercising during chemo for those of us who are metsters I decided I was going to DO IT. Well, I couldn't. I was just too sick. I don't know if I'll be able to do it this round of chemo either.

MY blood pressure is causing me difficulties. First, it cancelled my first Taxotere infusion because it was too high. It took about a week to get it under control, then it went WAY too low! Doc thinks it was a combination of Dexamethasone and morphine or who knows what!! BP was fine during majority of chemo today but then started to climb. Luckily we got the Taxotere in, but then it went too high for the Herceptin. Onc said to go to family doc. I talked with nurse and laid down, did some resting and deep breathing, took a pee, came back and it was low enough. We checked BP about 6 times before calling onc and asking for the go-ahead. Of course he thought I'd left the building. HA!! Not sure what's going on but I didn't FEEL any different. Keep on fighting. I'll do my best and you do yours - and that's all we can do in this stupid fight.