Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Newest Daily Routine

OK, I’ve officially been on Brivanib for three weeks now and I have to say, this last week was much better than the first two … and that’s for sure. And the really good news is that I’ve got all the side effects down to a dull roar.

My daily routine starts off with the alarm going off at 7:30 and I drag myself out of bed. After a few minutes, I take three bp readings, have my coffee and take four Brivanib pills. At 8:30 my cell phone alarm goes off to remind me to take my two bp meds, have some more coffee and some breakfast. After a bit it’s mid to late morning and I go over my blog and post it. Then I lay down for an hour snooze; I feel so refreshed afterwards.

I then get up for good, have a high protein ensure drink for lunch, shower and get dressed. If my energy is up I get out of the house and taking care of any stuff. If I’m not feeling so chipper, I wrap myself up in blankets in front of the TV, grab my laptop and surf.

Around 6: we have supper and D and I watch the evening news. When my cell alarm goes off at 7:30, I take three more bp readings and average them all in a spreadsheet for my Onc. By 9:00 I’m in bed and after a bit of TV, its lights out for the both of us.

I keep up this daily routine with the alarms and all to help me stay regular and on track with my meds. When you’re on chemo, you occasionally forget to do things. My memory is so bad these days … and between that and being so lazy, I’m afraid without some type of scheduling, some days could go by and I might not get anything done at all.

7 comments: said...

Hi Daria,

It sounds like your routine is a great structure for your therapy. You are getting rest, but if you are up to it, you get out as well. The balance seems smart to me.

Bernie said...

Hello my friend, I too need a schedule. It is important to me to have one. Everyone knows what I do on Mon, Tues. etc.
So glad you are doing so much better Daria, I have been having pain (well it is uncomfortable) in my shoulder, across my scar that extends around under the shoulder blade...errrr! Does this sound familar to you? Talk soon..Hugs

Daria said...

Bernie, I guess I'm familiar with discomfort there. I have had discomfort on my surgery side ... lots of it ... on the front and back. It's usually tight muscles and stretching helps. Many woman I talk to say they continue to have discomfort on their surgery side.

l'optimiste said...

Daria - you are amazing.

Cheryl said...

Daria it is good to learn that you have a routine that is working for you. The best news is the improvement in your feeling of wellbeing.
Keep on keeping on..

gillian said...

Love the way you say you have the side-effects down to a dull roar. That is good news.
Curious - who makes the supper? You or D or someone else?

Daria said...

Gillian I might cook a hot meal once or twice a week. Something where we can have some left overs. We get take out once or twice a week and otherwise we just have very simple suppers ... like a soup and sandwich.