Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All Day at Clinic - How I metabolize the Chemo

Yesterday began a long day at the clinic; my Onc needs to see how I metabolize the chemo drug Brivanib over time. I was told not to take my chemo until I got there because they wanted to take my blood first. A nurse drew six vials through an IV in my wrist then took my bp and temp … both normal or near normal. Then I took my chemo. She repeated this twice over the next six hours.

As the day progressed, the trials nurse came by and I asked how my blood work was. She looked down and said where did your platelets go? My levels are 81 and should be at least 140. Platelets are the little guys that gather at a wound and clot blood. This not a big concern just yet.

We also discussed my high liver function numbers from two weeks ago and these tests show that they continue to go down, meaning the chemo is still working. Some numbers are now down to just being plain old high. Yahoo !!

My next blood work up is in two weeks, for just an hour.


Bernie said...

I think this is good news Daria, has the site of you PICC line healed. I am praying that your liver numbers keep going down and you platelet count goes up......:-)Hugs

Daria said...

Bernie, the PICC hole has mostly healed but the rash is still perking a little.

donna peach said...

Nice to have a good report. Hope the platelets rally :). Hugs

nancyspoint said...

Daria, Hope you keep getting the right kind of numbers! Also, hope the ankles don't get too swollen and uncomfortable.