Saturday, November 20, 2010

Coffee for D and Tea for Me

Yesterday after D and I ran a few errands, we drove past one of our favorite coffee shops; D asked if I wanted to stop. Never one to pass up an offer to stop for coffee, yes of course. Being that coffee acts as a diuretic, tea was the alternative for me. Also, we passed up on muffins ‘cause I’m really trying hard to eat proper.

Anyways, while D was picking up the drinks, I scoped out a couple of chairs right next to the fireplace … real fire, fake wood. Oh well it still felt warm and cozy. That thing kicked out so much heat that we both took our coats off. The outside temperature these days is around -15°C 5 °F … brrr brr. The funny part was that my tea was on the hot side, too hot for these lips. D put my cup next to the window and it cooled down in no time flat.

We talked and nursed our cups for a good 45 mins and then left for home.


Erin said...

Simple joys. Life is good.

Bernie said...

This sounds like a warm and conforting timme Daria, big hugs

gillian said...

minus 15 degrees!! my goodness. never been in temperature even close to that...brrr.. boiling hot here in Joburg today.... roaming around (the house) in what is called a kanga (sarong, I suppose but this one is a Swazi - from Swaziland - print)