Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blood Pressure Update

Yesterday I had an appointment at the clinic to have my bp checked. So the research nurse called me in and I assumed the position, laid down and on my back. We have to use my leg to take readings because we can’t use my arms. I have a PICC line in one arm and lymphedema in the other. She took three readings, all being around 168/85. That’s down from 170/101 last Thursday because of 5mg of Ramipril that I’m on. She asked me if I was still having headaches and I said yes. They seem to be with me all the time to some degree even tho I take aspirin.

OK she says, I’ll go see the Onc to see what he has to say about these numbers. She came back and took one more reading … 140/85. That’s much better I thought. She then said the Onc wants you to double your Ramipril and we’ll reevaluate this coming Thursday.


gillian said...

What is Ramipril?

Daria said...

Gillian, ramipril is a blood pressure medication the Onc put me on just over a week ago.

Blogging sure makes the world a smaller place.

Bernie said...

What is your b/p suppose to be, like what is a normal reading....:-) Hugs

Daria said...

I really don't know what my normal is but under different chemo treatments it's varied a bit ... been 120 to a high of 150. I would only followed the top number but I guess the bottom number is very important too.

Google says 120/80 is normal. Anything over 140/90 is considered high.