Monday, April 12, 2010

Lymphedema Continued...

This morning I went back to the medical supply store I wrote about last Saturday... the one where I had ordered a custom lymphedema glove and it ended up being ill fitting.

After I left on Friday, the clerk called the manufacturer once again to explain that fluid was pooling on the top of my hand. She said they were going to order a new glove and sew a filler patch in on the top. That will flatten things out and help stop the fluid build up. I was thrilled with the news.

I decided to try one of the ready-made gloves. It fit me so well I decided to buy it too. Besides, it doesn’t look like this lymphedema is going to go away too soon and a second glove will come in handy. 

After all that, I shopped and picked out a mastectomy bra. I mentioned to the clerk that I wear my bra’s day and nite. She said she had a soft bra for just for sleeping. I said that I’d ‘sleep on it’ ...haha ... I`ll pick it up when my glove is ready.

So now I have a new bra, sleeve and glove.... woo-hoo!


Carol Urban said...

Sounds like you are really set! I hope everything fits well for you.

Levi said...

Sounds like you have some great tools. Did you ever imagine having to get these kinds of "tools"? Being born with lymphedema, I didn't know about a lot of the available things until later in life. Most of these toecaps and gloves weren't invented when I was a young girl.
Don't forget about the reid sleeve. It's nice to sleep in.