Sunday, April 11, 2010

Looking for More Options

This morning I was looking at my lymphedema arm. The Spiderman Kinesio tape was barely hanging on to my skin and it had slowly unravelled bit by bit for the last 10 days. I started trimming with scissors at my wrist and then my shoulder ... so today off it came. At this point I’m convinced that it’s helpful and I’ll definitely have another put on. 

But my cycles keep changing the amount of swelling day up and then down. So I was thinking... maybe acupuncture could help level off the symptoms a little. One hitch tho is that I should avoid those small needles in this arm.

Does anyone know or have heard of any stories of lymphedema arm being treated with acupuncture? 

tia ...

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Dee said...

I have acupuncture regularly, even in places where I have a bit of lymphedema, and because it's a fairly shallow poke, it doesn't make it worse. I think acupuncture could potentially help the swelling and get things flowing again. But go to one and talk to them about it.