Friday, April 9, 2010

The Friday Knitting Group

Today the facilitator asked us if cancer has changed us and whether others have noticed a change in us. Well we all had similar stories of how cancer has changed us ... we especially spoke about how we had become stronger individuals. One thing we all agreed on is that we were able to say ‘no’ more easily ... whether it was at home to family or at work. I guess you could say we all learned how to set a few more limits and boundaries.

A few gals said that people have noticed a change in them as well. I can’t say anyone has mentioned that I’ve changed ... tho I’m sure I have.

Throughout each session we admire each others knitting projects. I showed off my Moebius scarf that I knitted last weekend. There are a few different ways to do the Moebius. Here is a link on YouTube if you’re interested. And here is a picture of mine.

Just before the end of the class ... we were invited to check out some of the other yarns available. I scooped some nylon ribbon yarn. Who knows what I will create.

I tell ya ... these two hours go by so quick ...

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