Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chiropractor Appointment

This morning I visited the chiropractor. He asked how my arm was doing and I said I had relief almost immediately after my appointment a few days ago. I’ve been able to do stretches and exercises with more ease. He said that’s great. He asked me to lie down on the table where he proceeded to find the tight muscle in my right front shoulder. He dug his thumb in and stretched out my whole right arm. A pleasant feeling of ouch followed... I could just feel my whole arm relax. After working the muscles a bit more, he said ... I have something new to show you. He left the room and came back with some Kinesio spider tape for my lymphedema. He asked if would like to try it out and I said sure.

Here is a picture of my arm with the spider tape. I’ve also included a two minute video on Kinesio tape. I’ll let you all know how this works out.

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