Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Living Well Group

Today I had my final Living Well session with the group. The homework from last week was to create letters of gratitude and then read them to the appropriate person. I failed to do my homework so have nothing to offer about this experience. Sorry. 

P presented one of her Doctors with a letter of gratitude ... now isn’t that a thoughtful thing to do. I know I take my Doc’s for granted.

Even tho this was the last meeting for the group, there was still one final assignment.

So here it is:

• Consider which institution or organization promotes or enables an outcome that you value and then find out what you can do to make this institution or organization better.

• Dedicate about three hours each week for the next three to six months doing something to help make this organization better. The idea here is for you to use your strengths for this task.

• Keep a journal of how it feels to work for such an institution and then reflect on how you feel about yourself and the institution.

Wow, this one’s a biggy.

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Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Um..yeah, that is a huge assignment spending 3 hours each week for an organization. But in a way, you have been fulfilling this assignment all along-not for an actual organization but your coffee groups that you helped get together to provide support for each other facing The Beast. Also-all your blogging. You are a role model for finding joy in life still when others might have trouble getting beyond their diagnosis.