Friday, January 7, 2011

More Waiting Required

Well my appointment with the Trials Nurse and Onc was not as I had hoped. Not only had my liver functions numbers gone up again but they doubled since last week. All the nurse could say is that we’d have to wait and see. So no Brivanib this week.

Still in a bit of shock I asked the nurse what we could do about my cough saying that maybe an inhaler was in order. She said she’d ask the Onc. A short time later, she walked back in with a prescription for an inhaler. Two seconds later, the Onc walks in and checks my breathing, taps my back for fluid levels around my lungs and then said he was going to send me for a chest x-ray immediately. Maybe a chest x-ray would give us some ideas as to what the problem is. Both the nurse and the Onc left.

A couple minutes later, the nurse comes back in with a list of my regularly scheduled scans and tests. Tomorrow I have heart tests plus a bone scan. Monday the 10th I have a CT scan and Thursday the 13th I have blood work and see the Onc to go over the results. The nurse then said I should go have a seat in the waiting room and she’ll get a requisition for a chest x-ray.

A few minutes later, I was on my way to X-ray. I changed into a gown and within five minutes my x-rays were done.

I gave D a call to pick me up … his first question was … well how are things? I gave him the news about the blood work. Darn it, he says. Then he asks if the Onc commented on whether the coughing was due to the fluid around my lungs. I said, no and in fact very little was said about anything. Oh, he goes … my thoughts exactly.


Anonymous said...

Now don't go jumping the gun ... until everything is done and on the table.... No news is good news ... Try and stay up lifted... I know it is hard ~ (and I am a fine flippen one to speak) but try to stay up..

Praying for good news


gillian said...

Daria, I was away and with a wonky 3G connection on my phone and none on my laptop (was in a neighbouring country, Lesotho), was unable to read your blog and so missed out on the fact that you were on a "chemo vacation", as you put it.
Have now been reading previous postings to catch up as initially this one baffled me. Now I understand.
When do you get the result of your chest x-ray? Hope your coughing improves.
Thinking of you and sending lots of love.

Servivorgirl said...

I know all these appointments get exhausting. Why can't they streamline everything so you just go in one day? I can't believe they still don't know why you are coughing. I'm so sorry. Try to enjoy your weekend and find some happy thoughts.

Daria said...

Gillian, I get the results of all my tests on Thursday, January 13th ... including the chest x-ray.

Daria said...

Denise, normally they are pretty good at streamlining these tests but I think the put in a couple of last minute tests to figure out what my breathing problem is ... heart test and bone scan.

Bernie said...

Wish they would of gotten back to you right away on your chest x-ray but they did prescrible an inhaler, hopefully that will help.....enjoy your day off (Sunday)and hopefully all will be more positive next week. Stay strong my friend.....:-) Hugs

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