Monday, October 27, 2008

Mind your memory and energize

Today I registered for a couple of classes or courses at the Cross Cancer. One is called Mind Your Memory and the other is Energize.

Mind Your Memory offers information on how cancer and cancer treatments may affect memory, proper nutrition for good memory and how to maximize memory.

Energize offers information on cancer-related fatigue, proper nutrition and the importance of exercise in helping to manage fatigue.

The memory is terrible after a cancer diagnosis. My thoughts are that it is the stress of the information that causes the poor memory. I used to blame it on chemo but my opinion has changed. I still enjoy blaming it on the chemo because it is an easy out ... 'chemo brain'.

The fatigue is caused by the chemo. It just takes the energy out of your body, your thoughts, and your enthusiasm. I just don't really want to do much .... especially the second week after a treatment. I've mentioned it before, that is when the fatigue is the worst.

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