Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chemo tomorrow ....

Today I went to the Cross Cancer to get my pre-chemo doctor's appointment and blood test. Everything looks good-to-go for chemo tomorrow. I asked if I could cut back on the Zofran to help with the constipation. They recommended I stay with the program and not cut back the drugs. I also talked to them about the excess eating that I am doing. One of the side effects of the steroids is uncontrollable eating. I gained 5 lbs in 3 weeks. I didn't experience this the first couple of cycles of chemo but this last one was crazy. Anyways, they had no real good suggestions except drink lots of water and each veggies and fruit instead of junk food.

I got a little brave and asked about my future and this cancer. The doctor says I will be on chemo for pretty well ever. If things are going real well, then I may go off for a short time for vacation. It is hard to listen to these words. How can I plan my life? I have this need to be productive and sitting at home waiting for each cycle to come and go is not exactly being productive to me. Not sure what I should be doing. I need to find other people who are going through this just like I am and have them tell me how they are coping. In fact that is exactly what I'm going to do now. I'm going to the Canadian Cancer Society and then to the support services and see if I can find someone who can help me with this.

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