Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flushing the Central Line (CVC)

Once a week the CVC I have needs to be flushed with Heparin. Thou I was trained to do this, I have my sister who is an nurse ... take care of this for me. I have a prescription for the dressing, needles, heparin, syringes, medical tape, etc .... that I get from the pharmacy. Besides, the flushing, maintenance on the CVC is quite simple and I've really gotten used to it.

I get this flushed after chemo and chemo is usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday (3-week rotation). That is why today is flush day.

This afternoon, I'm at the Cross Cancer for the last of the Poetry Support Group meeting. I will miss the group meetings.

Tonight I'm having supper with a breast cancer survivor that went through treatment the same time I did back in 2000. She is cancer free and doing real well. We have kept contact by having suppers together every few months.

Tomorrow, I have a CT scan to see how the tumors are doing. I've had one scan since my chemo started in August and the tumors have shrunk a bit. I'm hoping for the same results with this scan. Below I've included a bit of a discription of a CT scan ... given to me by the Cross Cancer.

How is a Computed Tomogram (CT) scan done?

You lie on a padded table which slides into the opening of the CT machine. The technologies will ask you to hold your breath during scans to avoid blurring the images. You may hear a noise during each scan while the x-ray machine is taking your pictures.

The average CT scan takes about 20 minutes, however, preparation time can vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour before the actual scan.

Prior to the scan, the radiologist may request your consent for an injection of a colourless contrast medium (x-ray dye) to show up certain parts of your body.

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