Sunday, October 26, 2008

Canadian Cancer Society Peer Support

Last week I was struggling mentally and felt I needed a bit more support. The Canadian Cancer Society Peer Support is something I had considered for quite some time. When I contacted them I was sure what I needed help with but I knew that just talking to someone going through the same thing I was going through would make me feel better. Just yesterday I spoke with a lady who was born in the late 1970's and was diagnosed in 2005(???) with metastatic breast cancer with cancer in her bones and liver. Obviously she is quite young. She has had periods (months) of chemo and periods (months) of no chemo. Her spirits are high. We chatted about some of the side effects of long-term chemo ... and how she kept a positive attitude. I felt like I wasn't the only one going through this. She said she'd make contact with me on a regular basis.

My hopes is to become a peer support person someday .... once I get a bit stronger mentally. I know how lonely it can be ... because unless you talk with someone who has gone through this, it just doesn't work.

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