Thursday, September 25, 2008

Support Group - Poetry

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Cross Cancer to a support group that runs about 9 weeks. The idea is to find support through poetry in a group environment. We write and discuss our poetry. Most poetry tends to be around cancer but sometimes we move away to other topics or subjects. One of the ladies from the group suggested I post my poetry on the blog. I warn you ... I am not a poet by no means. My poetry is very amateur but it is my poetry. The following poem was to be written about how we receive news ... good or bad. I chose to write about getting the news of the cancer re-occurrence.

the news ...

the news of my re-occurrence came but two months ago
the news precipitated a 'shock' that was overwhelming
it took four weeks of sifting through the information
over and over again to discover my new reality
it ended up being more positive than I first expected
i found hope and a new future to look forward to
i found life at the end of the tunnel

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