Thursday, September 18, 2008

Arts in Medicine

Yesterday I joined a poetry writing class at the Cross Cancer. They have a great Arts in Medicine program that I took advantage of when I was first diagnosed in 2000. I'm not that 'poetic' but felt the time spent with others going through cancer would be good for me. I was able to create a couple of poems in a very short amount of time. I'm sort of on fence about whether I really like writing poetry or not. Maybe I need to attend a couple more sessions before a have an opinion.

On Friday afternoons, I also go to a Patient Support group at the Cross where once again, I get to discuss my disease openly and honestly. You get to share frustrations, fears, anger and just about anything you want in a safe and supportive environment.

Unfortunately, talking with personal friends just doesn't feel good. They are generally healthy and doing well, I am not healthy and not doing well. Not too much common ground there.

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