Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Over the hump ...

The worst is over for this treatment. I'm hoping anyways. The chemo and drugs appear to have worked their way out of me. I keep detailed spreadsheets of the symptoms so that I can track my progress with each cycle. It helps me with what to expect and what I can do to improve the experience by monitoring ... water, food, exercise, drugs, sleep and what ever else may comes up. Chemo cycles are just that -- cycles and the symptoms change with each day of the cycle. Right now I am tracking 13 symptoms.

I have repeated mentioned to my husband ... my decision making is influenced by the drugs. Generally, the cycle starts with a 'high', goes to a 'low' and then 'normal'. I should not be making any decisions during the first 10 days or so of the cycle as they are not me. In fact, I'm going to mark in my day timer the days the I am making solid decisions because when I am in it, I don't feel like you are being influenced.

Thank god the worst is over for this round.

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