Monday, September 8, 2008

Mood Swings

Wow ... today was a moody day for me. I assumed the reason cycle 1 with chemo didn't go so well was because of my lack of attention to the symptoms, but in fact, I feel that coming off the medication causes some serious mood swings. Today I have felt anger, frustration, depression ... wondering if all this was worth it. I think I ate enough today to feed a small family ... total uncontrollable eating. By the way, twice today I couldn't control my shaking hand as I was eating. I was very agitated.

As I write this, I must warn you that my mood is better but not great. I just need to record my thoughts ... as often I wait too long to write something and forget the details. Based on last month, this mood lasted another day or two ... please give me the strength to deal with it and not gain 10 lbs.

Last Friday, my mood was as though I could do this and no questions asked. Today my mood is opposite ... can I continue to do this?

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