Saturday, May 29, 2010

Unscheduled Clinic Visit

Last night the redness from my infection crossed the line drawn in by the Onc. And it’s more painful. D wanted me to call the clinic immediately but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I really don’t want the PICC line pulled out of my arm just yet. 

This morning I finally gave in and called the clinic as instructed by my Onc. I asked if I could come in and have a nurse look at it. The triage nurse said we don’t normally take walk-in traffic but … if I wanted to come in, she’d come down and have a quick peek. Excellent …that is all I want. 

D and I headed straight over there. The nurse had a look and said … well, even tho the infection has crossed the line it doesn’t look too bad yet … besides it takes two or three days for the antibiotic to kick in and since I had only been taking them for just less than two days, we could probably wait a bit. “Keep a close eye on your temperature.” she said and off we went. 

Perfect … I could now enjoy the weekend. To celebrate, we went out for breakfast.


Susan McHugh said...

Hi Daria,
I am a breast cancer survivor who started an online gift company- I also went back to school and got my certification as a Life Coach. I just wanted to introduce myself as I found your site to be very interesting and informative. I may like to post some of your information from time to time if you're okay with that?
BTW, are you in Medford, NJ? I am here also.

Vilma said...

just me but I prefer to pull out PICC lines with any signs of infection since getting alternate access is less risky. But let us be positive about this :)

Anonymous said...

Daria.. don't mess with infection... watch that temp... keep us posted

Praying it is good for you...


BaldyLocks said...

I had my Hickman line (same as a pic but in my chest) do the exact same thing and they gave it an extra day and a half after they thought they'd have to pull it out. It miraculously got better and didn't get pulled!

It was sure a close one. So yours definitely could get better. I had mine in for 10 months.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Bernie said...

I hope antibiotics kick in soon, keeping you in my heart and prayers.......:-) Hugs

Debbs(thatsjustfugtastic) said...

"It's a little infected..BUT"- she said, I'm being protective here for you but isn't her saying that like "a little bit pregnant?"....any infection I get sends us to the e.r. because I get Sepsis so easily. I hope it goes away Daria! Keep us posted! Happy Memorial Day too. =o)