Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Lion King

Something I've always wanted to do was to see a Broadway show on Broadway in NYC. Well I did it. I saw The Lion King at the Minskoff Theater which was right across the street from the Marriott Marquis, where we were staying.

So why the Lion King of all the Broadway shows?

Well, somewhere back in 2000 when I was first diagnosed with my cancer I was looking for something, anything that would help me make sense of this cancer journey I was on. One day I heard the song, Circle of Life sung by Elton John and tears came to my eyes.

The lyrics helped me make some sense of it all. I think we're only on this earth a very short time and we need live life to the fullest as death comes far too soon ... because that is the circle of life.

Anyways, enough philosophy … here is a video sneak peak of the Broadway show Lion King. It was amazing and I would see it again tomorrow.


Joanie said...

Oh I love love love Lion King!!! The Circle of Life is an amazing number! When the elephant came up out of the orchestra pit, the hair on my arms stood straight up! When all the animals come on stage.. well, it's just amazing. I'm actually tearing up, watching the sneak peek you posted!

Anonymous said...

All my years living south of Boston .. I never took in a Broadway play.... I wish I had so much ... now I live here in FL....

Christine said...

I saw the Lion King in Toronto and loved it. I'm so glad you got to see it. Thank you for posting the lyrics. They are lovely and meaningful.

donna peach said...

Hi Pretty Lady,

I totally appreciate what you're saying. BUT :) we are going to be part of that long-term survivors of breast cancer. Hanging around forever, mystifying our medical teams :). I'm so glad you got to a Broadway play--I so love NYC and Broadway. Hugs