Friday, May 21, 2010

PICC Procedure and Chemo Infusion

This morning I had my PICC line inserted. A doctor first attempted to use the same PICC vein used last year but after two attempts he said there was too much resistance and we needed to find another vein. So he moved to the cephatic vein which is located more to the front of my upper arm. That one went in like a breeze. Besides the needle for the freezing … I really didn’t feel a thing.

After changing back into my street clothes, the nurse wheeled me to Daycare for my Vinorelbine infusion. The actual infusion was only about ten minutes but between that, the flush and the liter of saline, I was outta there in just over an hour.

My chemo cycle is a little bit different this time too. It’s still a three week cycle but with treatments on two of the weeks and one week off... nothing like changing things up a bit.

Overall, I’m feeling fine … a bit woozy as I was getting the chemo but really nothing to complain about. I go in tomorrow for a dressing change on the PICC line just to make sure everything is fine … after that it will be weekly changes.


Anonymous said...

SOMEBODY needs to show me how they put links in their blogs where you can click on it... I see it everywhere

hang in there..

Daria said...

TaDa, I sent you an email with instructions on how to set up links. Hope it helps.

Joanie said...

Last year when John went though his chemo prior to the transplant, they inserted a pherysis catheter in his chest. So much better than the port he had for his first round of chemo. The lines were wider than the picc line he had in his arm. I used to flush his lines out for him every few days.

Good luck with this newest round of chemo!! As always, saying prayers for you.

Cheryl said...

Daria, once again, your strength inspires me.
Thoughts and prayers are with you for the success of your treatment.

Tina said...

Daria--thinking of you as you start this new treatment. Hope it treats you well...

Sue Davies said...

Good Luck Daria, thinking of you Sue xx

Lori J said...

Dear Fellow Canucker

Well as all those avid Albertan's are out in the units enjoying what is our first chance to camp...this girl is keeping in her PJ's and sleeping.
Just did a couple more of those Peracets as instructions per my Nurse Daughter.
Daria , I am finding my mind is very hard to focus these days...

Going to enjoy reuniting with church family in the am and then out for a nice lunch

I know it would not be hard to us to connect one day in the near future.

Sending hugs and blessings your way,

Alberta Lori (Bentley)

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