Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year in Review

This past year was a toughie. I continued my Taxotere treatments up until October. There were some very dark days and nights where I seriously considered stopping treatment all together. I was so serious about quitting; I even spoke with my psychologist about it. I just wanted to tell someone that this really sucked and I didn’t know if I was strong enough to continue. I was quite exhausted all the time and I used to sit most of the day and play on the computer and blog. Nothing else inspired me ... not even food. After that meeting I decided to just focus on completing one cycle at a time and that`s what I did.

In April, I spent a few days in the hospital due to my central line catheter infection. This was located on my right side of my chest. After the catheter was removed, I had a PICC line inserted to infuse the Taxotere. This caused a skin irritation... turns out I was allergic to chlorhexidine which is used to clean area.

In about June I noticed swelling in my right arm. It turned out to be lymphedema. Likely the infection from the catheter caused it. My right side is also my mastectomy side.

In October, a bone scan showed no evidence of disease in my bones; however a CT scan showed tumours on my liver had grown and there were more lesions. The Taxotere was no longer working and I needed to change chemotherapy to Xeloda pills. This meant the PICC line came out, it meant fewer trips to the clinic and best of all more gentle side effects. Even with liver issues, deep down I was thrilled because I was so sick of the side effects from the Taxotere and the steroids. I was just so glad to be changing treatments.

After a couple of months, I felt like getting out and doing a few more things but my body was stiff and sore from just sitting around for a year. I decided to enlist the help of a chiropractor who stretched out some of those muscles. This along with the active release therapy and the massaging the edema out of my legs has helped me so much to get around.

I am feeling more optimistic and alive. My body is recovering nicely ... I can now stand longer and walk further. It’s been quit the year. I’m really hoping improvements continue into 2010.


Sugar said...


may 2010 bring many good things to you & yours. sending a prayer up, that whatever comes in the future, you have strength, keep hope, believe in miracles, & have faith!

i read all your posts, but seldom comment. you have my respect, you are indeed an inspiration to many.

God bless you this coming year.

Sherry said...

This really was a tough year for you Daria and yet you carried on with spirit and determination.

You've been a shining star for so many and lit the way as you've progressed...I'm so pleased that the change in treatment has opened up your world again. It's been a good lesson for others...about possibility and hope.

Wishing you a blessed year to come that is filled with even more possibility!! xo

WhiteStone said...

I've been reading your blog for some months now and I must say, you have a lot of strength! Oh, My, I don't think I would have done half as well as you. Bless you in 2010! May God give us all a blessed year.

Joanie said...

It sure seems as if as the year went on, quality of life improved ona continuing basis for you. And that is GOOD!!!

Here's hoping 2010 brings more good news and a healthier, happier year for you!

whidbeywoman said...

May 2010 be a better year for everyone!Hapy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Daria
Yes 2009 was a rough year for you...I hope things will be better for you in the New Year...

Tina said...

You really did have a tough year. I'm glad you didn't give up! You are such a strong woman, and an inspiration to me. I pray that God will grant you a healthy, peaceful year!!

Dr. Swill said...


Wishing you a better 2010!


Peace B

Renee said...

To a year with less cancer and the worries it brings.

We deserve it.

Love Renee xoxo

Karen said...

Blessings to you, friend, as we move into the new year! You've been an inspiration, and I continue to wish you all the best!! :)

Jill said...

Happy new Year Daria and hopefully 2010 will be a much healthier one!:)

Michelle said...

I wish this for you with all of my heart :)


Carol Urban said...

This was such a positive blog post! Even though 2009 was filled with so much negativity you came through it with such optimism for the future and I am so happy about that. It inspires me to continue to feel positive myself and to encourage other cancer survivors to remain positive! It has been such a pleasure to get to know you!

Michelle said...

I hope that this year will be easier on you.
You have been so strong and continue to be a fighter.
Thank you for all the support this past year. I wish nothing but the best for you in the year to come.
Much love, Mcihelle

Julie Goodale said...

Let's hear it for 2010 being a better year! Wishing you all health & happiness.