Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chiropractor Appointment #3

I had my third appointment with my chiro. First thing I mentioned to him is that I thought I was losing the battle with the edema. He said all we can keep doing it the ‘right stuff’ and see where it goes. I told him D was massaging my calves and that he always heated my calves up with a heating pad before doing the massage. The chiropractor said that he preferred to massage the legs cold because heat brings more blood into the area and that isn’t a good thing when you are trying to force fluid out. Makes sense to me ... no more heating of the legs before massaging and one less thing to be concerned about.

As he was working on my calves ... he said, when you are massaging, you should think of it as pushing the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. I’ll take that to the bank.

I asked him about support socks/hosiery and he didn’t think they would be helpful in my case ... no support hose for me and one less thing to be concerned about.

I usually lay on my stomach so that he can work on my back and legs. After my first treatment, I had to slide off of the table and then down to my knees on the floor and pull myself up with my arms. Well yesterday, I was much more limber and was able to manoeuvre off of the table and stand up. We both felt good about that one.


WhiteStone said...

I appreciate your sharing how to deal with edema. I don't have it, but my brother does, and I suggested to him that he massage his legs and showed him how to massage upward and not downward. I learned that from you. So I say Thanks!!

Michelle Leddel said...

Are there any techniques from lymphedema management that would apply to edema?

Daria said...

Michelle, I don't know. I have mild lymphedema in my arm but haven't really asked anyone about it. I just wear a conpression sleeve and glove.

Barbara said...

Thank you for sharing your information on lymphedema.

My granddaughter who is in her early thirty's had a hard spot on her leg. So she had a CT scan done on it. Yesterday the Doctor informed her it was just fluid build up (and that's all?)

I would not think that fluid build up would make a hard spot in your leg? I'm thinking perhaps she should massage her leg, or wrap it up tight with an ace bandage.

Joanie said...

I'm reading your blog backward, chronologically this week, trying to catch up on my reading. It sounds like you've had a busy week with the chiro appointment and 2 nights out with friends! Have fun but don't overdo it!

Dr. Ross Carter said...

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