Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chiropractor Appointment

My oncologist said it would be OK to see a chiropractor to help loosen up some of my muscles. She also said that even tho there is no evidence of cancer in my bones, I shouldn’t have any bone manipulation. That’s ok because I only want to see him for the active release techniques that he does.

So when the chiropractor first came in, I said to him, “I’m a bit of a mess and need your help.” We talked a bit about my history with cancer and that I was looking for help with tightness in my calves and feet and in my chest area. So after examining me, he said, “I have very strong computing muscles.” ... imagine that! Then he had me lay down on my stomach and hooked me up to this machine that vibrated my muscles in two key areas ... my calves and just behind my shoulders. That ran for about 10 minutes and was quite stimulating. After that, he stretched some muscles in these areas.

He then suggested I try at home to massage the edema out of my calves. I am to put my fingers around my ankles and massage upwards. I told him about the stretches I recently started doing and he said that they were perfect. He gave me two other simple exercises to do as well.

At the end of the session, he said I could be doing most of this at home and I said to him ... “I know but sometimes I just need a bit of support to get going.” He said, “Don’t we all?” I like this guy.


Renee said...

Daria we all need support dear friend.

You are doing well and I am so happy to hear that.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

He sounds like a good guy giving you tips on how you can help yourself at home instead of being dependent on him.

Michelle said...

You sound very positive and up Daria. It's great!


WhiteStone said...

I'm guessing they don't want you manipulating the bones because chemo (at least my chemo of carbo/taxol) causes loss of bone density. Just had a scan this morning and I'll bet dimes to doughnuts that I now have osteoporosis. But, hey, I'm alive and doing well!

Eileen said...

I think I like him, too!

Keep up the good work - I know it's hard to change your routine in the 'taking up even more time' direction, but this seems like a positive change. I hope it works!!

Sandy said...

I simply can't express to you how happy it makes me to hear you sounding so well lately. It really does my soul good and I am very happy for you. Keep exercising!!

Vicman Calara said...

Darla keep on doing exercise everyday, that will surely help you. Also think positive always.

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Brenda said...

We really do need all the help we can get to get through our cancers. So glad you found a good guy who could give you some tips.

Do you happen to have any advice for chemo neuropathy?

Joanie said...

I'm happy to read that the Chiropractor was able to help you!

By the way, when I clicked on your blog, it also opened up a site called bioget and there were lots of naked women! LOL

Daria said...

Hi Brenda, sorry I have no advice for chemo neuropathy. Wish I did.