Monday, December 21, 2009

A Bit More Coughing

The last couple of days I’ve really been focusing on having my legs up on cushions... above my heart ... for hours at a time ... and I can honestly say I notice my feet are less swollen. I can see most of the veins in my feet and that’s great. The only problem is that that I have a bit of crackling in my lungs and I’m coughing a bit more than usual.

Today I saw my chiropractor and I asked him if the fluid from my legs and feet was just moving to my lungs and he said it’s possible but not likely. He thinks the chemo is creating the havoc in my body and that is responsible for the extra coughing. I’ve noticed that my coughing goes up and down depending where I am in the cycle. So the Chiro said ... for today, we’ll skip the leg massage.

Anyways, today is the last day for this round of Xeloda and I have a two week break. I’m so looking fwd to be off that daily pill regimen for Christmas I can just enjoy the holidays. My thoughts are with all those who are not so fortunate and will be struggling with chemo and its side effects thru this holiday season.


Peggy said...

Merry Christmas Daria;
Hope you have a great Christmas!

Barry said...

I have a break from Chemo over Christmas as well. Don't get back into it until the 7th of January.

I think my body approves.

Have a great Christmas and keep those feet up!

Dee said...

I remember having a cough for a few months after I started Xeloda in March. Seems like it started in May/June and lasted several months. The doctor could never hear anything in my lungs, though. I was also doing radiation and I wasn't sure if it was related. The docs seemed to think it might be allergies - since that time of year, there's a lot of grass pollen in the air.

Anyway, I hope you have a great Christmas and enjoy your break from the drugs!

Sara Diana said...

Aww Bless you Daria. You are going through so much and yet you still think of others.

Have a lovely Christmas xx

S. F. Heron said...


I'm pulling for you sweetie. Winter and chemo just sucks so much. I spent the entire winter last year sick with a cough. It sucked SO bad.

I'm with you there on putting up your feet. Have you tried lying on the sofa with your feet on the sofa arm? Crash on your side with your head on a pillow.

Take good care of yourself and enjoy Christmas.


Barbara said...

Merry Christmas Daria