Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back Home Safe And Sound

We arrived home safe and sound after being away for a week visiting family in the foothills of beautiful Southern Alberta. It’s so nice to just look out the dining room window and see the mountains ... pretty cool. The roads were great and the scenery magnificent.

As we were all setting in for the 4 hour trip back, Daisy our dog sat on my lap. Then it must have been time for a nap ... she buried her head and front legs into my down filled vest ... her head right up into my shoulder. How cute is that. I think that all the excitement from the past week really had her tired. That only lasted a short time as she got too hot and moved onto her blanket in the back seat. She sure does travel well.

Today we are just catching on mail and stuff.


RivkA with a capital A said...

Welcome Home.

I've been resting in bed for almost two weeks, trying to get some energy back!

Unknown said...

Glad you are getting to rest a bit from your chemo. Hope you get to enjoy the holidays friend. I am trying my best to avoid getting sick too. Lately a cold always seems to go to my chest. Take care of yourself.--Barb

Sandy said...

Gotta love dogs that know how to travel. Have you heard anything from the woman that wrote the blog "Ron's Road to Recovery"? She has not posted for 2 months and I am beginning to get a little concerned.

Daria said...

Sandy, I thought the same thing but there is something wrong with the blogger dashboard because if you go to her site using this link:

you'll see she has been posting. I've experienced the same thing with one other blog that I follow. It's very weird. I think I will report it to blogspot now that there is a second person experiencing this same problem.

I've tried removing myself and then re-adding myself as a follower but that hasn't solved the problem.

If you go to her site maybe let her know you are experiencing the same issue.

If you have any ideas why this is happening, let me know.


Tina said...

I have the same problem with Whidbey's blog. I just go directly to it each day to read her new posts.