Friday, November 27, 2009

Stretch and Exercise

Since I started my foot exercises this week I decided to start doing stretches as well. I’ve been stretching my arms and legs and it’s paying off because today I was able to have a look at the bottoms of my feet. I haven’t done that for months and months. This has all become possible because I’m off that horrible Taxotere. My last cycle ended five and half weeks ago and my body is starting recover.

My posture has become atrocious. To correct that, I’ve started sitting in a proper dining room chair while watching TV instead of the cushy living room furniture. I’ve also been pulling my shoulders back when sitting and walking.

My body is starting to release some of the fluid it was hanging on to. My moon shaped face is slowly disappearing. Yesterday, I pulled my belt one notch tighter ... so my chemo belly is going down and I’m back in some of my regular shoes. I’ve really been focusing on having protein at every meal and I think it helps with reducing water retention.

I’m so much more self-motivated now than when I was on Taxotere.


WhiteStone said...

The increase in self-motivation is a clear sign that the chemo is leaving your system and you are returning to "normal". Each day will be better. Glad to hear the stretching is working.

Sara Diana said...

Glad you are starting to feel better. Theres nothing better than stretching, I do my stretches either in the steam room or in the pool. I was glad to get rid of the fluid retention. You should try eating some natural diuretic foods such as celery and make sure you drink plenty of water.

Mahta said...

I find your blogs today.

i read it. I know you will be better .

Barry said...

I'm absolutely delighted to hear of your progress! This is all very good news.

Anonymous said...

It's good to read that you are much more self-motivated now. Let's hope that this will continue to be your trademark. Keep up with the good effort!

danaceau said...

It's amazing how the chemotherapy can kill our motivation to exercise; and of course we blame our willpower! The stretching is a great thing to do. I always meant to do more of it when I wasn't sick, and it was a great alternative to "real" exercise when I was. It's easy to find the motivation and you can feel immediate results.