Friday, November 20, 2009

Second Cup Group

Yesterday I had coffee with the ‘Living with Cancer’ group which I’ll start calling the Second Cup group.

Three of us met and we talked for three hours ... wow and that went by quick. One of the ladies has a central line (CVC) like I used to have. I asked her if she experienced any irritation around the site. She said yes. She used chlorhexidine wipes to clean the area plus she used a saline spray afterwards to rinse it off a bit. She said if she missed the saline spray then when she pulled the bandages off, her skin would come off too. That sounded familiar. I then told her about my experience ... that I had developed an allergic reaction to the chlorhexidine. Her eyes got big ... I think it all made sense to her.

I wanted to thank C for giving two hats to me. She no longer has a need for them. I was excited because you know how it is ... a bald chick can’t have too many hats.

We made plans to meet again next week.


Nic N said...

When you have no hair, there are never too many hats. I was obsessed with them for a while!!

Barry said...

It sounds like a supportive and informative group.

I used to like the hour long rides to PMH with the Cancer Support drivers. We often had the same group going down for treatments and some good conversations used to flow.

Karen said...

I have a whole basket full of hats, but I find myself wearing just two of them. My favorite is a pink baseball cap with the Boston Red Sox logo and a breast cancer ribbon, even though I don't have breast cancer.