Thursday, November 19, 2009

Breast Cancer Support Group Coffee

Yesterday I met the breast cancer ladies for coffee. As I drove to the mall, I felt so joyful be feeling so good on such a beautiful sunny day. We have been having some unseasonaly warm weather here lately.

In the mall parkade, I found a parking spot against a wall that was slightly wider than the rest.  I like that because I find my vision is a bit poorer and I lack some confidence when driving in poorly lit areas. My walk to the mall was a bit faster than normal and easier ... and that made me smile.

We had a nice visit and before we knew it was time to go. I stopped at a shoe store to look at slippers for the house. I wasn’t convinced they were what I was looking for so I decided I’d do some more research. I may stop at an orthopaedic shoe store and get some professional advice.


Unknown said...

Hi are ya hon!! I thought I would pop by and ive you a hug!! Have been wicked busy of late..but always keep you in my prayers hon!! Hugs, Sarah

Joanie said...

I hope you have many more wonderfully energetic days!

BLOGitse said...

Have a nice weekend! :)