Saturday, November 28, 2009

My First Public Wheelchair Ride

Yesterday we decided to hit Costco ... D phoned ahead to confirm they had wheel chairs, there’s no way I’d be strong enough to walk all those aisles. I’ve been very apprehensive of being pushed around in a wheel chair, never mind being seen in one. But you know what ... it’s like most things in life ... fear of the unknown ... because the trip ended up being pretty good. I sat in the chair and D pushed me up and down every aisle, we stopped and looked at this and that. It wasn’t a big deal.

I must say D needs some pointers on wheelchair chauffeuring because he’d stop and look at an item and say something like, “have a look at this” and I’d be ahead of him so I’d have to twist my neck to see what he was looking at. I didn’t have the heart to tell him he needed to pull me back to see what he was talking about. I just figured I get some extra neck stretches in for the day.

Costco is an amazing place with a lot of good deals but after seeing the huge line-ups to pay, we ended up leaving without buying a thing. We’ll try again another day.


Barry said...

I've ridden in wheelchairs a couple of times, but never long enough to get acclimatized to the experience.

Anonymous said...

I have to use a wheelchair when we go out, I found many times there may or may not be one available by the time we got to a store so we invested in one of my own, it was 1 less stress adapting to not being able to walk in public..yes my hub too needed to learn wheelchair edicate. Oh and the foot rests I found were more of a nuisance than help (but i have short legs anyways) so we took mine off when I'm using it in the house. I tend to steer myself with my feet AND hands, also invest in a good pair or 2 of golf gloves or similar, I opted for the style with palm covers but no finger cover. They sell them on Ebay in wheelchair accessories.


Anonymous said...

Ps Daria
Embrace the wheelchair experience as a form of independance, have fun with it...I actually added feminine touches to my chair LOL and a back pocket to boot... ;o]

Joanie said...

I borrowed a wheelchair for John when he first started chemo 2 years ago. We had tickets to see Les Miserables in New York City. At the last minute, he decided he didn't want to use it, so we left it at home. Fortunately, the theatre was only 3 blocks from the bus station and the restaurant was on the way to the theatre. He did really well, but he slept on the bus all the way back to Allentown!

I don't think wheelchairs carry the "handicap" stigma they did years ago. We've come a long way, baby! said...

Good for you. My hubby refuses to use a wheelchair or electric scooter in stores. He walks in as far as he can with a cane, then lets me do the shopping. Pride, I guess. But, that's where he is at right now and I respect that. I just know that if he would confront his disability and adapt, it would open up new worlds for him. He does use disabled parking, which helps some. His main limitation is shortness of breath.

RivkA with a capital A said...

This post is "right on time" for me.

We are making a family trip to Disney and I know that all that walking and standing on lines is too much for me.

I actually borrowed a collapsible wheel chair and will be bringing it with me. (you can rent one there, but it costs $12 a day)

I know I should use it, but the thought is really hard for me -- not so much the thought of using it, but the thought of being looked at.... I don't want people feeling sorry for me or my family.

But I know that if I do not use it, I will just conk out after the first day.

BLOGitse said...

Good for you! You got a free ride! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been on a wheelchair once when i twisted my ankle an a trip to Phuket Thailand sometime last year.Oh boy was i nervous being pushed around along the busy street. My hands were just holding on to the 'brakes'. The latter wheelchair models come with all kinds of gadgets these days and they're pretty handy. I've seen one even equipped with a horn! I hope you enjoy more of such wheelchair trips in future.

Michelle said...

Yeah...mum is the same. But we have one anyway....Palliative Care here bring us all that stuff to use as we need it. Lucky, because they are not cheap to buy!


Jill said...

Thanks for this post Daria. I think I will use one as well before Christmas and get to Costco and maybe the mall after my surgery. My Mom was always so stubborn but now she uses one and I always said if I had to use one to get out I would. I guess that day is here for me for a short time.

RivkA with a capital A said...

Your post inspired this one:
New Set of Wheels

I will follow it up after our trip (I hope)