Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Living With Cancer Support Group

I just got back from our last ‘Living with Cancer Support Group’ for this year. For our last meeting, we had a nutritionist from the clinic come and answer any questions we may have had regarding diet and cancer. I found her information very helpful. Even though I’ve read or heard a lot of this before ... it’s a great reminder to get back on track with a proper diet.

The nutritionist brought a variety of samples of meal replacements for us to try. I grabbed a sample of Boost fruit flavored beverage and Boost pudding plus a new product also put out by Nestle called Resource 2.0 which is a high calorie drink. I’m going to try them another day as I have class tonight and don’t want to risk an upset stomach.


Christine said...

I'm glad you have found a 'living with cancer' support group. The one at our cancer clinic seems more like 'dying of cancer' to me! The first time I went they talked about hospice care. A few weeks ago they had a funeral director speak. I wrote the social worker who runs it and told her to let me know when the topic was "finding meaning and joy in life, despite cancer metastatis".

Karen said...

I really appreciate the way you talk about your cancer support group. It prompted me to find out what is available to me around here. I've got two to choose from, but I'll have to wait till next month because I already missed them this month.