Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fourth Week With Out Chemo

Since August 2008 I have had a Taxotere chemo treatments every 3 weeks up until this week. Because of a catheter infection, I did not get chemo this week.

My husband says that last night was one of the first nights I didn't 'rattle the shutters' snoring ... those are his words. Since I started chemo my sleeps have been upside down. I think they are more disturbing to my husband than to me. My husband says I stop breathing for up to 10-15 seconds and than I gasp for air, I snore like crazy probably because my nose is stuffy and my breathing is just really screwed up. I wake myself up with the strangest sounds that come out of my mouth and nose. I've started making these vocal sounds that wake me up. It's very unusual and kind of freaks me out. Personally, I think it's all the drugs in my system.

Otherwise, I'm feeling stronger and getting up and moving around more than I have in months and months. I have definitely have more energy. I have a step counter and am thinking of using it to increase my steps and get more active. I really need to get moving.

This afternoon is coffee with the Breast Cancer coffee group ... 6 ladies that get together regularly.

Thou the weather has been great, we may see some flurries this afternoon ... what the heck.


Unknown said...

Ackkkk - no more snow!!! They said we might get some this week too!!! I agree - WTH. Rattle the shutters - lol Daria. Hope you are feeling well today. Wanted to pop in and say hi!!! Hugs, Sarah

Debby said...

The taxotere really affected my nose too.

*sigh* I had to brush my car off this morning before work. 'What the heck!'indeed.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the improved sleeping! Your body is no doubt enjoying the gift of a good nights sleep! And I am SO happy that you are looking to do more walking. If ever you want a walking partner, just let me know!

Renee said...

Our bodies so need the rest to rejuvenate itself. The snoring and gasping could also be sleep apnea or Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS - which is what I have).

You might ask your Onc or general practitioner about the possibility of having a sleep study.

The C-PAP machine has made the world of difference on my quality of sleep and the level of energy during the day (well energy before chemo fatigue lol).


Kerry said...

Thanks for your comment:)
Its funny how some treatments affect different areas. I am just glad you are sleeping better.

Sherry said...

Isn't it amazing how our bodies change with chemo? Ways we never thought they's like learning about yourself all over again. Glad that the nose is better and the snoring less...that will likely help with you sleeping through without that "stop breathing" apnea.

RivkA with a capital A said...

Wow, it never occured to me that snoring might be caused by the chemo! Do you know anyone else that started snoring at the same time as they started chemo?

I will have to ask my husband if he remembers when I started snoring. I assumed it was connected to weight gain.