Sunday, April 26, 2009

Appreciate The Comments

Yesterday I mentioned my PICC line looked a bit off. Well I'm a bit embarrassed to say ... it is perfectly fine. What I though was blood in the line was actually purple colored tubing. I looked at it yesterday in poor lighting and jumped to the conclusion it was blood. I think my infected CVC has me a bit jumpy. Anyways ... all is fine.

I sure appreciate the comments about the PICC line. Yesterday I purchased some super clingy Saran Wrap and am going to give it a go one more time ... and try waterproofing it for the shower using Saran.

A couple of the things I need to think about now that I have the PICC line is that I can't lift heavier items such as grocery bags, a heavy purse and so on. That is going to be a tough one for me to remember.

I can't vacuum or do strenuous activities with that arm. I can't have blood pressure taken in that arm and I can't have blood drawn above the wrist on that arm.

Because I had a mastectomy, it's not recommended we do blood pressure or take blood from the other arm because it may bring on swelling or what's called lymphodemia.

Fortunately, there are options ... we can take blood pressure on my leg and the same for the blood samples .... if necessary we can draw it from my foot.

I'm feeling pretty good but still feel very 'lazy'. The research nurse gives me heck for calling it lazy but that is how I feel. I know it's the chemo that takes away any energy you may have but I just don't want to do much physically.

The weather here is seasonaly cool but things are 'greening up' so I know that better days are coming.


Tracey said...

Your not alone in thinking the line was wrong. I never had a line but when having my chemo intrevenously( sorry about the spelling!)i thought the same and got the nurse to come and check..
Best to be sure though.
Just take it easy though and NO LIFTING xx

Sherry said...

I call that an honest mistake and nothing to be ashamed about -- or fill silly about. You learn as you go with cancer and it's treatment.

As for new challenges...all of what we learn to do (and undo!) as we go through this journey proves one thing Daria -- "old dogs CAN learn new tricks!!" - I'm proud to be an "old dog" and I'm confident that you are going to master these new day at a time. ♥

Carolyn R. Parsons said...

Well if you're going to make a mistake at least it's a good one!

Glad things are ok!


Anonymous said...

Whew! Can't vacuum...that sucks! (No pun intended! Or maybe it was...not sure!)
Glad to hear that everything is fine with the PICC and that you are now the proud owner of industrial strength Saran wrap! It sure worked for me when I needed it to, so hope you experience the same success.

You have a very positive attitude to the weather - I am growling at the snow that is coming down! Grrrrr!


Michelle said...

Mum says the same thing about 'lazy' :)

Arlene said...

So relieved to hear that the PICC line is okay.

Once again, resting your body and letting it do its healing work is NOT being lazy. Be good to yourself ............. you are special!

nollyposh said...

Your body is telling you to ~relax~ and let her do all the healing... Go read a mag! <3

l'optimiste said...

ugh - lines...when I was having chemo, I was totally certain that air was going down into my veins! Almost had a fit until the nurse explained the mechanism.

I felt like a paranoid maniac...but it's scary. I think it's normal to worry about this kind of thing - we can't be too careful. So, it's a good thing - self preservation.

Embarrassed? Never! ;o)

Renee said...

So glad to hear the good news.

Have you talked to your doc about a port-a-cath in place of the picc?

Daria said...


I think the idea is for the area that had the central line ... to heal. Once that is in order, we can put a port where the central line was.

I'm not sure how long I'll end up having the PICC.


Renee said...

Daria do they have anything at the hostpital for showers.

Here they give us a plast thing that has elastic at each end and you pull it over your picc.

Apparently they are from slaughterhouses where the vets put over their arm.

Anyway let me know if you can get them or not. If not when I go next week to the hospital I will pick up as many as I can get for you and mail them out.

It won't take long to get to you then.

Love Renee