Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PICC Line Inserted On Thursday

I got a call that my PICC (peripheral inserted central catheter) line will be inserted on Thursday of this week. After last week, I was hoping for a free and clear week from the Cancer Institute but no such luck.

Anyways, I'm feeling pretty good so we may as well get her done.

My cough is just about gone so that is a good thing. I didn't use the inhaler yesterday and haven't today ... so far.

The final exam for my Financial Math course is tonight so I'm busy cramming. I started out doing pretty well with the studies but the lack of concentration and focus has my marks lower towards the end of the course. It's been a bumpy road the last month or so. I'll be glad when this course is done ... math problems and chemo do not make a good mix.

It will be short and sweet for today ...


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your exam! And good luck with the PICC - yup, better to get it over and done with!
Talk soon!

Jill said...

Daria, I had the PICC line in for my chemo and it was a blessing as all my blood work was done through it as well....no needles the whole time. I didn't even feel it when they put it in and they took it out right after my last drop of chemo and again didn't feel a thing.
Glad you are feeling better and have a break in your chemo.
Take care.

Michelle said...

Good luck with Math and PICC!


nollyposh said...

Good Luck with everything... i too found it easier having chemo with a picc as i have collapsible, un-cooperative veins... i admire you studying with treatment as well, you must be one strong cookie X:-)

Roxanne said...

Oh, Daria I didn't even realize you were going to school through all of this. What an inspiration you are. Bets of luck to you on your exam and PICC!!

Colswife said...

Thanks for your comment.

Good luck with your PICC line, Colin said having it put in wasn't too bad. So hopefully yours will be ok.

Take care

Renee said...

I understand Daria about when I do well it gives you hope. I feel the exact same way.

Love Renee

Good luck tomorrow with the PICC.


Alli said...

Good luck with the exam Daria you will breeze through it...

Not my strongest subject... lol