Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quilting - Final Update

Yesterday I finished my quilt. It's about 28" by 32". I'm telling you ... it takes many many hours to make one of these quilts and mine is just a tiny thing. I can't imagine making a full size quilt ... never mind one with a fancy pattern.

My PICC line looks a bit off. There is blood in the PICC line which seems unusual. I think I'll be calling the nurse at the Cancer Institute to see if this is normal or not. Sheesh!

Anyways, I'm still trying to figure out how to take a shower with it. They recommend using Saran Wrap to wrap the arm with ... but I've tried that and I haven't been too successful. I may get a bag with a couple of elastics for each end. There is a neat product out there that I came across ... PICC Line Sleeves. Not only do they have sleeves to cover up the PICC line but they have sleeves for the shower too ... which are water resistant. The price is $24.99 but shipping and handling is $6.99 which is a bit high. If I knew I was going to have this for months and months, I'd probably order the shower thingy. For now I think I'll test out do the homemade thingy first.

Last night I slept for 11 hours ... I've had a little too much excitement the last few weeks and I think it's catching up with me. Anyways, I'm feeling pretty rested now.

Hope my fellow cancer bloggers are having a good weekend and are getting some good rest.


Arlene said...

Your quilt is fantastic. You did such a good job of balancing the colors and then framing it in the darker border. Looks great.

Glad to hear that you got some catch-up sleep last night. While you were sleeping your body was busy healing you. Hope you are able to get lots more rest on this rainy/snowy day.

Sorry to hear about the PICC issue. Hope that gets resolved soon.

No suggestions about the showering thing other than putting your whole arm in a plastic grocery bag and sealing it off at the top with an elastic band or string.

Kerry said...

I love the quilt.
I have one that I need to work to finish up. It fits on the back of the recliner perfectly.:)
Also two quilt tops done.Baby type. Yes they are a ton of work.

Good your checking out the PICC Line. Sure don't need a problem there.

Glad your getting a lot of rest that's a good thing.
Have a good weekend.

Unknown said...

Oh it's darling! I looove making the little ones! Great colors too!!
I don't have any suggestions for you with the line - any RN's out there? Glad you ahve gotten good sleep - so important! Hug, Sarah

Jill said...

Daria, I used the saran wrap and sealed each end with waterproof tape from the drugstore, about an inch wide and it should come in a roll. It worked great for me and I had mine in for 6 months. You can do it yourself but most times I found it easier to shower when hubby was home to put the tape on or I would get him to do it before he left for work. I bought a PICC line sleeve online but was not that happy with it as it kept slipping down. It does stay on a bit better if you leave the mesh sleeve from the clinic underneath.
Hope this helps.
What a wonderful quilt that is!

Roxanne said...

Your quilt is just beautiful, Daria. I know how much time and patience it takes to make one of those little things especially when you don't feel good! Congratulations!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

LOVE the quilt! And I did some catch up on rest and sleep, too, the past day or so. Can't help you with any other idea for your arm except the plastic bag thingy. What a pesty thing to have to deal with! But I just know you will figure it out. Necessity of the mother of invention!

Hope the rest of your weekend is a great one!


nollyposh said...

Hmmmm mine had a waterproof bandage put over it every time i went in either for treatment or a flush that seem to be efficient (Only prob i had was that i would get a reaction towards the time it needed changing and get blisters, but that is because i have sensitive skin)~Love~ the quilt X:-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt! I am impressed! You know, when I went into hospital for my Brachy, they wrapped Saran around my IV needle so that I could shower the night before my surgery. They wrapped it SO much that there was not a chance the water would get in. It took me almost an hour to undo all of the Saran wrap, but my shunt remained dry. You may need a team of people to help you wrap it ;)
Have a good weekend!

Heat said...

I had a PICC for 4 months. I covered it with a plastic bag (usually doubled over) and taped it with medical tape when I wanted to take a shower. I still tried to expose that area to as little water as possible, because I was paranoid and so badly didn't want it to get infected. It didn't :)