Friday, March 26, 2010

Lots of Socializing

Wow, what a full day. This morning I had a great time at the knitting group. One of the gals knitted a chemo cap to show as a sample. She is going to make copies of the pattern for all at our next meeting. Another said she’d whip up a flower to put on the side of it to help jazz it up. We’re going to knit up a few different patterns and see which one we like best.

After the knitting group was done ... some of the gals went out for lunch at the food court and I joined them. We chatted about this and that. Three ladies really connected as they each had 16 year old daughters as an only child. Kawinkydink or what?

After a while, I zipped out to meet the Second Cup gals. Four of us met which is great because we only started with two. As usual, we talked about all sorts of stuff, everything from our treatments to Skype.

After all that yakking ... I’m tired ... maybe a snooze is in order to rest my jaw.


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Anonymous said...

i wonder what you girls yak about huh?