Thursday, June 18, 2009

On The Up Swing

It was warm and muggy here yesterday ... so I went down to the basement and relaxed. Today I feel like a new woman likely because of the quiet time I spent downstairs and also because it is day nine of chemo. I'm definitely on the up swing.

I've even gone into the closet to try on some new clothes and yes they fit. I'm just not as swollen as I used to be ... my chemo belly is getting just a tiny bit smaller.

With regards to chemo nails, I want to thank everyone who left comments yesterday. Some people went and did some research and came back with information. I say, we get through this cancer stuff by helping each other. Thanks everyone ... I'll keep you posted on what works and what doesn't.

Today is a tad bit cooler and when on chemo ... cooler is better ... I'm finding that out pretty quick.

Hope everyone is doing O.K.


Nicole Covey said...

I agree about cooler being better...normally I LOVE hot weather but since chemo, anything over 65 it too hot for me and I sweat like a rock singer! The basement is always a nice place.

I didn't have much trouble with my nails, just if they became too long they would crack and split. So...I just kept them really short and used shea butter on my cuticles. It's funny b/c you can see the part that grew out during chemo...part of the nail is pink, the other part is a gross yellow color.

Hang in there! Good to hear you're feeling better (and isn't it nice to fit into your clothes again?).

Beth said...

Hi Daria - so glad to hear you are feeling better!

Roxanne said...

Hi Daria,
So glad you're feeling a little better. I guess we just enjoy the good days, huh? My oncologist prescribed Ambien. It took effect about 15 minutes after I had taken it and I would not recommend having anything to do that might require clear thinking after that 15 minutes. But it sure gave me a good night's sleep with no after effects in the morning.

Sarah said...

Oh Daria..I'm so happy to hear you are feeling a bit better!! You may not feel like a happy dance yet - I'm doing one for you!!! Whoo hoo!!!
Hugs, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. We missed you at group today! Looking forward to lunch tomorrow.

Denise said...

So glad you are on the up swing.. Glad you had time to get away and rest and reflect..... I am glad that some ladies helped with the nail thing....... those of us that are on the outside looking in has no idea of the road you are walking..... but we can pray! AND pray I do!

have a blessed weekend.....

Sandy said...

Daria - So happy to hear you are feeling better and that you are losing your chemo belly. That alone has to help in healing the soul. Battle on Daria, Battle on

WhiteStone said...

Glad to hear you are on the upswing. One thing I noticed is that with my stubble hair, my head sweats more than it did with a full crop. Isn't that weird? And I feel as if my thermostat doesn't work very minute I'm comfy and the next I'm sweating. It's not hormonal. Probably due to the chemo.

Sara Williams said...

Its lovely to have you back. I have dark days too and have been having them the last couple of days but things are on ht up and up as always.

Keep smiling :0)

S. F. Heron said...

D, bandaids help with the loose one. Just keep some with your and wrap them up to prevent the snagging. Keep your hands really clean. You'll know if you have an infection because the smell is atrocious.

This happened to my Mom when she had chemof ro BC almost 6 years ago. her funny story is that the doc asked her how she knew her nails were infected. She shoved her hand in his face and said, "Smell!" :)

Glad you're feeling better. Keep taking it easy and taking good care of yourself!


Anonymous said...

Hi Daria , glad to hear that you are doing okay

Renee said...

In manitoba now they wear gloves on our hands and slippers on our feet that are cold.

When I got it I use to stick my fingers in a little pail of ice.

I'm glad you are on the upswing. It is a brutal regiment.