Sunday, June 21, 2009

Living In The Moment

This past week has brought some nice weather. I’d have to say, nice weather for me is different than for the average person. I like it a tiny bit cooler ... maybe a bit cloudy and maybe a bit breezy ... so a temperature hovering around 23 ºC ( 73 ºF). That way I don’t get too hot.

We ended up stopping twice this week for an outdoor coffee. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the people and the traffic and just feeling the breeze as it brushed past me. I also felt the warmth of the sunshine coming in and out of the clouds. Having my husband and my dog with me just completed it. So many times in my past life, I’d rush in and get a coffee to rush off to do something else. With these perfect conditions I really felt I was living in the moment and just enjoying what the world had to offer.

On a humorous note, on our way out yesterday, I mistakenly walked out the back door of our home ‘wig less’. Anyways, I just about plowed my husband over as he was trying to close the door. I asked him to look and see if the neighbors had their noses up against the window. He said no noses on the glass.

He later said I need a wig alarm ... something that will remind me to put that thing on when I go outside.

The final exam for my course is on Wednesday of this coming week. I have not been doing well with studying ... I’d rather be doing just about anything else.

I guess that is all for now and I’m off to have some breakfast and studying after that ... I hope.


Anonymous said...

Funny story about the wig! But you needn't worry - you have a lovely shape to your head!
Glad you were able to enjoy the outdoors. I have been thinking of going out for a bit this aft, but it seems a tad cold.

Arlene said...

From your picture displaying the energy-saving ironing board I can see that Audrey is right ..... you don't need to wear a wig! You look great without it.

But your story about going wigless really made me chuckle. I love to see that sense of humor creeping back when you are feeling better. And it sounds like D is pretty darn funny as well.

Thanks for reminding us all to take time enjoy the present moment.


Nicole Covey said...

Funny stuff...I just wear a baseball cap, and most days I don't even care anymore if any of my neighbors see my partially bald head. I've been down a road they dare not travel, and come through a better person. Pity to the person who only sees my bald head and passes judgement.

It's sometimes hard to enjoy the here and now, but people who have fought with this demon have a new appreciation for NOW, and for the little things. I'm glad that you do, too.

I hope you're feeling better after chemo!

sherry lee said...

Oh how easy it is to leave the house wigless and then remember at the last minute!! I loved you wondering if the neighbours had their noses pressed to the windows!!

I love the idea of sitting to have coffee in those ideal conditions, with your ideal people (dogs count as people!!) and enjoying the moments, the space, the place, the time. This is one of the gifts we are given with breast cancer (or any cancer or life altering illness)...a chance to "get it right" in the ways that matter.

nollyposh said...

Hee! hEE! i did that and answered the door accidentally wigl-ess once and to my friend's credit she didn't even flinch! X:-)

Lesa said...

So glad you had some enjoyable moments. And was able to savour them. Funny wig story! I went bald as I found wigs too uncomfortable. I am sure my baldness made others uncomfortable - oh well. LOL. Good luck with your next exam :)

WhiteStone said...

My wig sits on the dresser most times. Our backyard is viewable to several other yards and it doesn't bother me a bit to go bare. However, when I venture out into the "world", I wear at least a baseball cap. It's getting too warm for scarf AND cap, so I'm guessing I'll be doing the baseball cap most of the summer. Earrings help a bit. And, yes, I do appreciate the "now" moments so much more than I did before. Bless you.

Dee said...

I didn't use a wig either - I wore several hats instead (I was bald in the winter). If it was summer, I don't think I'd bother.

In the support group 6 years ago or so, I remember one lady talking about her breast prosthesis while swimming. She had it on under her suit and was swimming laps. When she got out of the pool, she realized that it had fallen out at the deep end. She couldn't swim or dive well enough to get it so she had to ask the young man lifeguard to retrieve it for her. She cracked us up with the story - had us all laughing so hard we were crying - especially because she said something like, "Pardon me, can you help me get my boob on the bottom of the pool?" LOL (Well, I think you had to be there. It was really funny at the time.)